Are All Condoms Vegan? Best Vegan & Organic Condoms 2023

are condoms vegan

Veganism extends far beyond the foods you choose to eat. This is why you will hear people say they live a vegan lifestyle rather than just eat a vegan diet.

If you want to make a full commitment to a vegan lifestyle, it is important that you make sure every product you purchase is free of animal by-products.

With that said, it may surprise you to hear that most of the condoms you would find in a typical pharmacy actually contain animal by-products and, therefore, contribute to animal suffering. So are condoms vegan, and can you buy them ethically while keeping your conscience clear?

To help you understand your options, we will be going over everything you need to know about vegan condoms!

What Makes Standard Condoms Non-Vegan?

Most condoms are made mostly out of latex, which is a milky fluid found in plants. The particular type of latex that is used in condoms comes from rubber trees. While this plant-derived material is vegan friendly on its own, it is not the only ingredient used to make most standard condoms.

Casein – Casein is a protein that is derived from animal milk. Bovine-derived casein is often used to soften the latex and make it feel more comfortable against human skin. Beyond the fact that animal milk is obviously non-vegan, we all know how cruel the dairy industry can be. This is why condoms that contain casein cannot qualify as vegan-friendly.

Animal Testing – Most of the major condom manufacturers test their products on animals to make sure they are safe for human use. You do not want to contribute to this cruel practice as a vegan.

Lambskin – While it may sound barbaric, some modern-day condom manufacturers still make condoms out of the intestinal membrane of lambs.

These condoms are often advertised as being a ‘natural’ and safe alternative to latex. Not only are these condoms unnatural and non-vegan, they actually do not offer reliable protection against STDs.

How Do You Know If a Type of Condom is Vegan? 

How Do You Know If a Type of Condom is Vegan


While it may sound a little obvious, the easiest and most reliable way to tell if a condom is vegan friendly is to check the packaging for vegan certification. 

While plenty of condoms are advertised as natural or organic, this does not mean they are safe for vegans to use. To make sure the condoms you are purchasing are completely vegan-friendly, look for vegan certification on the box or condom wrapper.

This means the box will often be labeled with The Vegan Action Foundation badge, or The Vegan Society logo. The best vegan condoms are always properly certified and make this fact clear on the packaging.

What Are The Benefits of Choosing Vegan Condoms?

The main advantage to purchasing and using vegan condoms is the simple fact that they are completely free of animal products and by-products.

They Are Animal Free

This means the manufacturing process does not involve the use of casein and other animal by-products. They will not have a negative impact on your vegan lifestyle and they will not contribute to animal suffering. Purchasing vegan products over products that are typically non-vegan means you are making a positive impact and protecting animals.

They Are Cruelty Free 

Not only are vegan condoms free of animal by-products, but they also are not tested on animals. Almost every vegan brand of vegan condom will also feature a cruelty-free certification on the packaging. This means you can rest assured that no animals suffered during the making of your condoms.


The best vegan condom brands almost always make a conscious effort to use sustainable material sources.

This means only sourcing latex from sustainable rubber tree farms. Many will also pay fair wages and insist on safe working conditions for their suppliers. While veganism usually centers on protecting animals, protecting the environments where animals live is also important.

Are Vegan Condoms Safe and Reliable? 

Are Vegan Condoms Safe and Reliable


Just like non-vegan condoms, all vegan condoms must meet the same rigid government standards before they can be sold. This means they are at least 98% effective against STDs and pregnancy.

So, yes, vegan condoms can help you enjoy safe sex, without worrying that you are contributing to the unnecessary and selfish suffering of innocent animals!

In addition to their effectiveness, vegan condoms are also designed to be enjoyable for both partners. They feature thin designs and are free from chemicals that can lead to discomfort and irritation. They have more natural scents, which is due to the fact that they are almost always free of strong-scented chemicals, such as glycerin and benzocaine.

Which Condom Brands Are Vegan?

As the demand for vegan-friendly consumer goods grows, more mainstream brands are beginning to offer vegan condoms to their product lines. While there are some smaller vegan brands that offer their own vegan-friendly condoms, even some of the larger manufacturers are joining the movement.

Again, look for vegan certification on the packaging whenever you are shopping for condoms. If you are looking for a good place to start, the following condoms are all safe for vegan use:

GLYDE – Ethical, Fair Trade Vegan Condoms 

Fair Trade Vegan Condoms


GLYDE uses sustainably grown, natural rubber that is completely free of casein, glycerin, and petrochemicals. Their condoms are completely vegan friendly and even the packaging is made from recycled materials! They are also one of the only condom brands that have certification from PETA.

SKYN – Non-Latex Polyisoprene Vegan Condoms 

SKYN condoms are manufactured by LifeStyles, which is one of the largest condom manufacturers in the world. This line is vegan-friendly and latex-free, which is great for vegans that have a latex allergy!

Trojan – Supra BareSkin Polyurethane Vegan Condoms 

Again, Trojan is a massive condom manufacturer and their Supra BareSkin condoms offer vegans a super-thin polyurethane condom. They are widely available and vegan-friendly!

Sustain Naturals – Ultra Thin Vegan Condoms 

These fair trade, cruelty-free, non-GMO, vegan-friendly condoms are a little more difficult to find, but they meet every expectation an environmentally conscious vegan would have.

I have had many people ask me are condoms vegan? I hope that this page has helped to clarify the subject. If you have any other questions please feel free to leave a comment below:)

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