Vegan Tuck Box Review And Unboxing (UK Product)

Vegan Tuck Box Review

Founded by two long-term vegans on a mission to help others on the same life path, the Vegan Tuck Box is a delicious and high-quality snack box delivery service that emphasizes the social consciousness aspect of modern consumer life.

The Vegan Tuck Box team tries to incorporate both eco-friendliness and social responsibility into their mission so they take extra care to ensure their packaging is both made from recycled materials and is itself recyclable. Their offices use solar panels to provide electrical power and they donate a small portion of each box purchase to a vegan or animal welfare charitable organization.

Vegan Tuck Box’s website also features a shop where you can purchase vegan products, including those that they put in their boxes. Unlike some other vegan box subscription services, Vegan Tuck Box does offer returns on their boxes if you forget to cancel or aren’t happy with what came in your box, though whether the return is accepted and processed is at the company’s discretion.

If you’re sending back a box full of half-eaten dark chocolate bars, an almost empty jar of peanut butter, or other vegan gluten-free snacks chances are you aren’t going to get your money back.

Overall, Vegan Tuck Box is a good option if you want some flexibility in how you choose to order and pay for your subscription box—and get to enjoy some yummy scrummy vegan treats and other vegan food. Check out the details below to see if the company and the monthly subscription is a good fit for your needs.

The Basics

What’s in the Box?

All yummy scrummy vegan treats in the Vegan Tuck Box are generally full-sized or, if they’re samples, generously proportioned. Each box tends to include a mix of sweet and salty/savory snacks for your enjoyment, such as organic chocolate and vegan chocolate bars, crisps and coconut chips that are gluten-free, and many other healthy snacks.

There’s also a blend of healthy/practical foods and snack or candy items ranging from packets of almond butter to chocolate bars and quinoa chips. Every snack in the box is 100% vegan, and the company strives for an eco-friendly angle as well.

Box Size and Delivery Options

The range of options Vegan Tuck Box affords in this area is unusual in the world of vegan snack box subscriptions, providing the flexibility that some shoppers may find particularly appealing. The Variety Box has 5-8 snacks and the Ultimate Box has 10-13 snacks.

Most subscribers opt for the Ultimate Box to maximize their snacking potential. These boxes are only available for monthly delivery. Boxes ship out the first week of each month. Single boxes are available for purchase as well.

Billing and Payment Info

There are both pre-pay and subscription options available for the Vegan Tuck Box, giving you the option to avoid an auto-renew recurring billing format if you wish. The pre-pay option is only available for the 10-13 item Ultimate Box size. Prices and values listed in British pounds.

Where They Ship

Vegan Tuck Box ships internationally, but customers outside the UK may have to pay customs duties and other fees.

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