Vegan Shopping List Safeway 2019

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Safeway supermarkets are located in 19 out of 50 US states, including Alaska and Hawaii, making them an important resource for vegans from coast to coast and beyond. This list should help you identify popular vegan brands at Safeway locations near you. If your Safeway store doesn’t happen to carry some of these items, you can try to talk to management and see if they’ll stock them for you. You never know—it could pay off!

When you shop at Safeway, you can find vegan items in practically every section throughout the store. However, many Safeway stores have an aisle or store section dedicated to organic, gluten-free, vegan, and all-natural foods.

Not all of the foods in these sections are vegan, but labels may be more clearly marked, and you may find a higher concentration of products that specify they are not tested on animals and provide a higher degree of ingredient transparency in this section. If you are in a hurry and don’t have much time to investigate new products, focusing on this aisle and targeting the organic section of the produce department may be your best bet.

General Vegan Food Categories at Safeway

Bulk foods (nuts, beans, pasta, rice, quinoa, oats, TVP, nutritional yeast, spices, dried herbs, granola)

Produce (fresh fruits and vegetables, often includes refrigerated vegan products such as tofu, meat alternatives, kimchi, fermented pickles, tofu shirataki noodles and more)

Dry goods (dried beans, grains, pasta, shelf-stable tofu, sauces, dressings, baking supplies, dried herbs and spices, packaged vegan meals, snacks, cookies, crackers, chips, juices, etc.)

Personal care and household items (cosmetics, hair care, soap, lotions, household cleaners, detergents, cellulose sponges, etc.)

Vegan Shopping

A Note about Safeway Brand Baked Goods

Safeway has an in-house bakery that makes a variety of breads, cookies, and cakes. Safeway bakeries at some locations around the country have been rolling out vegan cakes and other products. Be sure to carefully read the ingredient lists on all of these products before purchasing or eating. In 2010, a Safeway spokesperson confirmed to Mother Jones that the company’s bakery products use a dough conditioner called L. cysteine, which in this case is sourced from duck feathers. Though L. cysteine (also simply called cysteine), an amino acid, can be derived from botanical sources, Safeway’s spokesperson specifically confirmed that their ingredient is sourced from duck feathers.

Vegan-Friendly Food Brands at Safeway

These brands offer all or selected products with vegan-friendly ingredients lists. Safeway stores have been known to stock these brands.

Alexia (frozen vegetables)

Alba Botanica (personal care items; shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soap, facial cleansers, lip moisturiser)

Amy’s (dairy-free frozen dinners and burritos, soups)

Ancient Harvest (whole grains such as quinoa, quinoa pasta)

Annie’s Homegrown and Annie’s Naturals (vegan boxed meals, crackers, fruit snacks, salad dressings, cookies)

Annie Chun (noodle bowls)

Barbara’s (cereals, snack bars)

Beanitos (chips)

belVita (breakfast biscuits, snack items)

Beyond Meat (frozen or refrigerated meat substitutes)

Boca (vegan plant-based protein burgers)

Burt’s Bees (selected personal care items; many products from this brand use beeswax, so read labels carefully)

Cascadian Farm (cereals, granola, snack bars, snack items)

Classico (pasta sauces)

Clif (protein and meal bars in Clif brands such as Luna and Clif)

Daiya (dairy alternatives—some Daiya products may not be fully vegan)

Dr. Bronner’s (personal care items and multi-purpose soaps)

Dr. McDougal (soup mixes)

Dr. Praeger’s (vegan plant-based protein burgers)

Earth Balance (dairy alternatives, vegan butter substitutes)

Field Roast (vegan plant-based sausages, sliceable plant-based protein loaves)

Follow Your Heart (vegan egg substitutes, dairy substitutes, salad dressings)

Food Should Taste Good (chips, crackers)

Gardein (frozen meat substitutes)

Hampton Creek (Foods with the “Just” brand name—Just Mayo, etc.)

Hilary’s (vegan plant-based protein burgers)

Just Pure Foods (snacks)

Kashi (cereals, granola, granola bars, frozen dinners)

Kettle Chips (selected potato chip and popcorn flavors)

KIND (granola, snack bars)

Lightlife (vegan plant-based hot dogs)

McCormick (spices, spice blends, sauces)

Mission Foods (tortillas, taco shells)

Mrs. Meyers (household cleaners such as soaps, detergents, cleaning sprays)

Nature’s All (freeze-dried organic fruits)

Nature’s Path (hot and cold cereals, snacks)

Newman’s Own (cookies, salad dressings, popcorn, pretzels, salad dressings, sauces, salsa)

O Organics (basic ingredients such as tofu and produce)

Old El Paso (taco shells, sauces, spice blends)

Paul Mitchell (hair care products, including shampoo, conditioner, and styling products)

Quorn (frozen meat substitutes)

Qrunch (quinoa-based frozen foods, including burgers)

Ragu (pasta sauces)

Seventh Generation (household cleaners such as detergents, soaps, cleaning sprays, wipes)

Silk (dairy substitutes; soy, almond, coconut etc. in milk, yogurt, ice cream etc.)

Simply Asia (noodle bowls, meal kits, sauces, coconut milk)

So Delicious (dairy substitutes; coconut, almond and soy in milk, yogurt, ice cream etc.)

Stoneyfield (soy yogurt)

Swanson (vegan veggie broth)

Thai Kitchen (noodle bowls, meal kits, sauces, coconut milk)

Tofurky (vegan plant-based meat substitutes, including roasts and sliced cold cuts)

Tofutti (soy-based dairy substitutes, including sour cream, spreads, and frozen desserts)

Toms of Maine (personal care items such as toothpaste and deodorant)

Van’s (frozen waffles)

West Soy (dairy substitutes made from soy)

Yes To (personal care products such as soap, lotion, shampoo and conditioner with produce such as tomatoes or carrots listed in addition to the “Yes To” brand name)

Yves Veggie Cuisine (vegan plant-based veggie dogs, soy crumbles, cold cuts, meals)

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