The Goodness Project Review 2023 Vegan Hampers And Gift Boxes

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Nowadays, there is an increasing number of people on vegetarian diets and vegan diets. There are others who only eat food that has been ethically prepared or is gluten free. However, anyone who is on a purely plant-based diet, meat-free diet, or vegan diet, may struggle to find quality food, let alone ingredients to create their own recipes… until now.

Offering a 100% vegan subscription service with an additional option for gluten-free vegan snacks, the Goodness Project is one of the best options available for vegan and gluten-free people who want to get in on the subscription box fun.

In addition to being friendly to gluten-free vegans, which most vegan subscription box services aren’t, the Goodness Project also offers a uniquely wide range of ordering and product options. If you’re looking for flexibility but don’t want any gluten in your vegan snacks, this is the ultimate subscription service.

Launched in 2013 by ambitious vegans looking to make healthy, ethical snacking easier, the Goodness Project doesn’t just limit itself to small boxes of snacks intended for maybe one or two people. You can get snacks to feed an entire office of vegans and their snack selections are so delicious that even non-vegans are likely to fall in love with the Goodness Project.

All of the products in the Goodness Project’s boxes are also cruelty-free and though they say the products have no chemicals, what they probably mean is that they exclude products that use harmful ingredients like parabens. Water is a chemical, after all, so it’s not possible that they offer foods that are truly chemical free!

In order to find the right match for your needs, you’ll want to carefully consider each one of the Goodness Project’s options before you make a purchase. We’ll break down the range of options below. No matter what you choose, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re getting the healthiest version of whatever it is that catches your eye and you’ll also not have to worry about whether your snacks contain animal products or gluten.

The Basics

What’s in the Box?

There are three types of Goodness Project subscription boxes. The Vegan Goodness Box includes vegan snacks. The Classic Goodness Box includes snacks, vegan food, and lifestyle products. The Gluten-Free Goodness Box includes gluten-free vegan snacks. The food items included, range from practical pantry staples like pasta and sea salt to raw chocolate treats and vegan cheese. Lifestyle items may include vegan, cruelty-free personal care products such as moisturizing lotion or scents.

The company’s gift boxes and office snack boxes include a similar range of healthy vegan or gluten-free vegan snack items. Gift boxes may include some lifestyle products as well, but the office snack boxes tend to just include food.

Box Size and Delivery Options

Each of these of the three box type options listed above is available in sizes letterbox (4-5 small items), mini (5-6 full-size items) and maxi (8-10 products). Maxi boxes may contain additional products and a wider variety of items. According to the Goodness Project, the mini box size is their most popular. In any size and variety, the Goodness Project works to avoid repeat products in their boxes.

The Goodness Project’s subscription boxes delivered monthly. There are one-off gift and trial boxes available for purchase as well.

Billing and Payment Info

You can purchase a month-to-month subscription or go for quarterly or yearly billing. All are on an auto-renew recurring billing cycle, so you’ll have to use payment options that are compatible with this style.

Where They Ship

The Goodness Project offers delivery within the UK and provides delivery for international customers as well, though additional fees may apply if you don’t live in the UK.

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